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What Is Live Chat Software? (WebChat)

Live Chat or also known as Web Chat is a tool used by websites all over the world that enables users to talk to the people behind the website.

Live chat is used for many reasons. Here are a few reasons to use live chat software on your website:

  • Providing support to end users.
  • Adding a new sales channel into your business. (Increase sales with live chat)
  • Taking orders online, such as a taxi firm.
  • Live chat is convenient for customers.
  • Live chat provides a competitive advantage.
  • Live chat saves time.
  • Live chat can increase sales!
  • Live chat saves money.
  • Live chat enables users to talk to many clients at the same time!

And many many more.


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Why use IMsupporting?

By using IMsupporting, you can talk with your customers in real-time via your own website.
Save money, time and effort when chatting with your clients.

Our software is 100% web-based, so no downloads ever! Simple to integrate with your app or website. And did we mention we have a free package?

If your website is more demanding, requires more staff accounts or you just like our software that much, You can purchase one of our chat plans.

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Access to reports and visitor analytics.
View who is on your website in real-time.

Add more staff as needed.
Create user accounts and departments.

Beat the competition.
You have the edge when using live chat.
Increase sales overnight and win more clients!

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