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The Live Chat Product

We believe that every website, big or small needs tools to help engage with their customers such as Live Chat.
IMsupporting can help replace your more traditional phone calls and emails with a fast affordable chat solution that is easy to install and most importantly easy to use by both you and your customers.

With plenty of features to help integrate our solutions into your website, we can be certain that you will enjoy using our chat software and your customers will too.

With over 4000 clients and growing more by the day. Our software is a perfect companion to any support or sales engagement solution you may already have.

Live Chat Software is the perfect product that can help reduce telephone calls and emails into a business. Staff can deal with many clients in a single system at any one time.

Where are we?

IMsupporting are a UK based company however our services are worldwide.

Our shared platform is hosted within the UK at our hosting providers London location however dedicated chat platform customers have a choice of location for their services.

Service Locations available to customers

  • NYC area (located in the Equinix and Telx datacenters),
  • San Francisco (Telx)
  • Singapore (Equinix)
  • London (Equinix)
  • Three in Amsterdam (TelecityGroup)
  • Frankfurt (Interxion)
  • Toronto (TR2 Equinix)

The company , The live chat

IMsupporting are a small UK based company serving a worldwide client base. Our software utilizes the very best in Cloud Flare CDN and optimization technology to bring you a fast and reliable chat solution as a reasonable price.

By using a UK company, you know you can rely on us to be a quality supplier that have no plans to vanish into the darkness of the internet anytime soon. We are here and here to stay.

Furthermore, being a smaller company proud of our product and what clients can achieve through our software, we pride ourselves on the personal support that we can offer clients.

The vision

IMsupporting are proud of our software. We work hard with long hours to create the best solution available at an affordable price. We want to see EVERY business use live chat software. Not just because its our product but because we firmly believe that chat software and chat support really is the way forward and the next step at creating lasting relationships with your clients.


Our live chat software wouldn’t be possible without the help, assistance and tools provided by commercial or free open source providers.

“Some chat dashboard icons” – Designed by Flaticon.com

Operator systems – Powered by CentOS

Additional Icons – FamFamFam

PHP – http://php.net/

Apache – http://www.apache.org/

MYsql – http://www.mysql.com/