Live chat features

Live Chat Software Features

Market leading live chat software features

Real time visitor monitoring for an easy to see snapshot of who is on your website.

Foresight technology to enable you and your operators to view what a user types as they type it.

SSL encryption for security.

Advanced design customization that enables you to change the look of the chat software and fit into your website design.

Easy to use website chat widget and much more.

More information about our live chat features below:

Live chat screenshot
live chat software reporting graphs

Reports and statistics from the live chat software comes as standard.

See what search engines your visitors come from, what your most popular pages are, how many chats each one of your live chat operators may have each week and much more.

Knowing what pages are popular and where your visitors come from can help you understand your visitors needs and how to engage with them further, potentially increasing your conversion and sales!

Customization of the Live Chat Software.

Don’t let design hold you back!

With the IMsupporting live chat software you can customize the chat windows to suit your own websites theme.

Change the fonts, colors and header banner image. Change all the default text and fields.

Completely integrate the live chat software into your own web platform to make the whole experience for your users much more engaging and increase your own sales!

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Customization live chat screenshot
realtime visitor tracking dashboard screenshot

Real time visitor monitoring with visual screenshots

User monitoring is one of the most important features of live chat, Not only do we offer a great live chat software that is 100% web based, We also offer a great selection of features.

Being able to monitor your visitors behaviors and act on them is just as important. View what pages your users are on, where they came from, their geo-location, tags you may of set for them and a lot more with the IMsupporting chat software.

Affordable software as a service

Our Live chat is AFFORDABLE. With our software running in the cloud, you dont need to worry about your own infrastructure. No need for servers, special licenses or even upgrades!

We handle everything for you. All you need to do is select a package suitable for your business and login!

As your business grows, we grow with you. Simply upgrade your package if needed.All our live chat software packages are competitivly priced.

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More popular live chat software features by IMsupporting

User Queuing

Let your users take a ticket and queue. In busy times you may not be able to answer all chats at once. The system will queue users for you and tell the user how long they can expect to wait ( based on how long the person before them had to wait.

More about User Queuing

Chat Foresight / Sneak peek

With our Foresight technology, you can see what your users are typing before they hit send. You can use this time to come up with answers before the user has even asked the question. A great way to give customers quick, accurate answers to their questions.

More about live chat sneak peek

SSL Secure Encryption

Security is a must for any serious online business. With our chat software you can enable SSL encrypted chat. This encrypts the users chat session to our servers so no matter what they send to you, it cannot be stolen by rouge users / networks.

More about SSL encrypted live chat

Offline Message System

What if you are not online or about to answer a question? We have that covered, if you enable it, we can take a message for you and when you are back online you can read it and reply to them. We also e-mail you a copy. Don’t worry though. This call all be disabled if you wanted to.

More about offline messages

Canned Resonses

Get tired of answering the same question, over and over and over again? Well, with canned messages or canned responses you can create, save and use pre-defined answers at any time. Use these to create a consistent brand message or for anything else. The choice is yours.

More about canned messages / responses

Automated Chat Replies

The chat system is also capable of searching messages sent from the user and auto reply to them. Simply create a word or string of words to search for and enter the auto reply. You can even set the name of the user that will reply.

More about automated chat replies

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Visitor HTML5 Geolocation

Find out wher eyour users are chatting to you from. We employ two methods of user geo-location. One is to use their ISP information to give you a rough estimate of their location and the other uses HTML5 to request that the end users browser tell you its exact GPS location.

More about HTML5 geolocation

Internal Private Chat

Chat to your visitors and your internal staff at the same time. Either chat together about a current chat with a user or chat in a private “internal only” chat system.

More about internal operator private chat

Visitor Tagging

Does a user visit often? Do you want to monitor their behavior across your website? With visitor tagging you can add a small “tag” to the visitor so next time they come to your website, you will know exactly who they are. Maybe attach their account number of other important information to them?

More about visitor tagging

Wordpress Live Chat Plugin

Wordpress is a great tool for building rapid, functional websites. Its a popular platform for many business websites. You can integrate the live chat into your word press website with our chat plugin easily.

More about the wordpress live chat plugin

Customize Email Templates

Customize the emails that IMsupporting live chat send to your customers.

Edit the email templates for your chat transcripts.

More about email customization’s

IPv6 Compatible Live Chat

The IMsupporting chat software is 100% IPv6 compatible.

Our support servers all run IPv6. However, only certain areas of our systems are currently IPv6 enabled. Connecting to our software on IPv6 will all depend on the package you buy and what servers your users visit.

More information about IPv6

5 Star Rating System

Our software comes complete with a simple 5 star rating system that can enable your visitors to quickly rate a chat they have had with you.

This can be enabled from the Settings panel inside the live chat software dashboard.

More information about our 5 star rating system

We offer many many many more live chat software features than can be listed on a single page.

Why not sign up for free and give it a try for yourself? If you decide you do not want to use our great product on your site, simply remove our code. No cancellations, no need to pay before you try, 100% risk free.

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