Joomla Live Chat Plugin

Live Chat for the Joomla CMS

Easy to install Joomla live chat extension


Download the Joomla Live Chat Extension: HERE

Direct Download:

Once downloaded, Follow these steps to get your live chat extension up and running.

Step 1

Open your Joomla Admin Dashboard and click Extension Manager



Click Install and either upload the above file or simply copy the URL into the “Install URL” text box and click Install.



Now click “manage”, search for IMsupporting and then click the Red button to turn the extension on.



Click Extensions and then  “Plug-In-Manager”



Locate IMsupporting and click on it to open the Options panel.



Enter your SiteID ( Located in the IMsupporting live chat dashboard ) and click save & close.



Your live chat extension should now be live on all your public pages.
Login to your chat console and click “Go Online” to start waiting for chats.
If you have any problems or suggestions, please let us know. We are here to help!

Live chat on joomla screenshot
joomla-live-chat extension
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