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Live Chat Software FAQ

Live chat software is a great tool to help enhance any website.
However from time to time the sheer volume of features can be daunting. Try our FAQ if you have any questions.

Alternatively contact our support team at any time for an instant answer! Try our live chat for free today!

What kind of pricing plans are available?

Our live chat software comes in a variety of affordable plans as below:

  • Personal (£9.99 per month): Perfect for the one man band / Personal websites.
  • Standard (£14.99 per month): Aimed at small business websites.
  • Business (£49.99 per month): Perfect for slightly more busy business websites.
  • Corporate (From £249.99 per month): Designed with the enterprise in mind. You get your own platform if needed and a bespoke live chat solution suitable for the larger more demanding business.

Check out the pricing page for more detailed information about the available plans and pricing comparison for a full listing of features available in each plan.

What limitations do trial accounts have?

There are limits on the number of chats you can have, SSL encryption, number of operator accounts and other enhanced features however the live chat trial is designed so you can get a free feel of how the system works.

If you feel that you need a feature not available in the free trial, please contact our live support staff who will be able to help.

What is your refund policy?

You can cancel your live chat software account at any time. Any days left on your current subscription will continue. You will not be billed again and your account will close or be limited after that that time.

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Are the chat windows customizable?

The chat window is fully customizable. Some of the things you can do with the chat window include:

  • changing the color scheme,
  • uploading your own logo,
  • modifying default system text,

Furthermore, you can use CSS to customize it even more. Read more about chat window customization and css customization.

Can I change agents email address’s and account information?

Yes, Agents / Operators can have their live chat software accounts removed and updated at any time.

You can actually create an unlimited amount of operators! However your account will only allow a certain number to be connected at any one time.

You can add more connections by upgrading your live chat package.

How does the live chat software work after hours?

When you go offline, your live chat software switches to offline mode. It means that your visitors can leave offline messages and contact you even after your office hours.

If you don’t want the offline button to show up, you can turn it off and have it completely invisible!

How secure is mine and my clients data?

We take your data security very seriously! Not only do we ensure that our system is securely backed up every day. We also delete ALL your chat data once you remove it from the system. Simply closing a chat will delete it from our system!

With this in mind you can also be sure that once YOU delete the data, it really is gone! We do keep some basic meta data for reporting but the content on the chat session is 100% removed!

How do I add my own custom chat button?

Simply visit the chat integration page, select “Upload custom Button” and choose your online and offline images.

These will now display as your chat images on your website. You may need to update you chat integration code.

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