Latest updates and news

Our latest updates and news

We feel that being transparent and honest to our clients can only be a good thing. Any changes big or small that we make to the live chat software are listed here.

This not only gives you visibility of changes that may affect your day to day working but can also help if you find that something no longer works after a change ( even after our rigorous testing )


So, Its been a while!

Features everywhere! We have so much to do, we want to make the best live chat app for your business but just cant get them all done at once!

Anywhere, Here are some changes recently!

  • Operators and Department based reporting is live with plenty of juicy stats to use.
  • The chat window themes are coming along, currently not modifiable but will be soon!
  • New internal user access system (Password strength checking, password expiry and more!)


Lots of stuff to come soon!

Looking for something in particular? Email us


A few changes and features coming soon. Stay tuned!


  • Updated reporting for operators (You can now view stats about single operators / agents )
  • New themes and styles for the chats that users see (And you can modify these styles)
  • Updated internal checks on usernames. Guests now have a random number attached derived from their IP address so people who don’t enter a name still seem somewhat unique on the live chat dashboard.


Apologies for lack of updates. We have been working a LOT of changes to the backend of the system to support a larger more diverse range of clients.

Recent updates visible to clients are:

  • Updated system logs page
  • Removal of “Internal” chat system.. No one seemed to use it anyway.
  • Enabled a “Free to use” platform that has limited features but works great as a simple chat system for very small websites.(And its FREE)
  • More features coming soon for paid customers
  • Updated reporting
  • Updated the offline message system


Major systems upgrades

Hello all., As of this morning we have upgraded our application firewalls and CDN systems.

We dont anticipate any issues for users, however if you do have problems, please contact support.

What does this mean for you?
– You should get a much faster experience ( it was fast enough before, but faster is better right? )
– A more secure live chat


Happy new year everyone!

It has been a while since our last update, we have been working very hard in the background on new features, added security and a whole host of smaller fixes and tweaks.

Changes of note:

  1. SSL Encryption on our root domain. Everything on IMsupporting is now SSL enabled meaning you can browse our site etc all via https.( you still need the business package for SSL on client chat. )
  2. Google Analytics is now supported via the control panel. You can add your own GA code to the chat widgets.
  3. Updated audio system. That platform now uses HTML5 for play audio. This means flash is no longer supported and in a future update, you will be able to change the notification sounds to anything you like.


  1. Updated WordPress Live Chat Plugin to now contain local JS rather than remote popup.js . This should help loading times by a few milliseconds.
  2. Updated WordPress chat plugin <div> tags. Problem with unclosed brackets now been fixed. This was a non impact bug, but needed fixing for cleanliness.


  1. Fixed some UTF encoding issues within the Admin Chat panels.
  2. Resolved “notification” issues where departments are enabled and a department is selected that hasn’t been chosen by the end user.
  3. Modified header padding on the admin chat windows.
  4. Resolved a problem where departments were not showing to mobile users when departments are enabled.


  1. Updated chat screen to no longer show a “chat icon” that is shaded with a color based on the status. A colored block is now displayed showing the first two characters of the end user name.
    This helps identify users quickly. A user is also UNDERLINED if they are awaiting a reply from an
  2. Added icon in the top right corner linking to this page so people can get the latest news on changes to the system.


  1. Fixed IDLE Detection system. If enabled, chat will not be set to OFFLINE after 5minutes of not answering a chat. A message will also be displayed to the user stating that we are sorry, but no one can answer at the moment, please try again later. ( This message will be customisable in a future update soon )


  1. Added ability to disable “emojii’s / emoticons” this will disable the “picture’s” that replace text like 🙂 or 🙁 within chat. Operators and Users cannot use them if this is disabled.
  2. SSL encryption is allowed and enabled by default for all chat buttons. However a SSL package will still need to be purchased if you wish the “chat” to be encrypted. ( this is so SSL websites do not get errors when using our chat buttons )


  1. Updated network system to use more friendly JSON data model. Lower connection limits and speed up user interaction with the platform.
  2. Added “LED’s” to show when network data is being used on the main chat system and also when in a chat itself. ( Top right corners )


  1. Added “Motd” / Major Incident options into the system. This will allow users to create an “alert” that is shown at the top of the chat windows before, during and after a chat with your staff.
    This means if you have major problems, issues or news that you want people to know before even chatting, it can be added at any time ( including, Icon, Color and Message )
    – This is pre-work to be added to the system soon.


  1. Added new back-end features to pass custom variables into the chat system ( Ie: customer account details etc ) – More information coming soon. ” Ability to pass customer info into the chat system, account refs etc
  2. 1st stage of migration to new , larger platform.


  1. Launched NEWS and Updates section
  2. Added new “Tabbed” live chat dashboard as “default” login
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