Customize your live chat popups and windows

Customize your live chat popups and windows.

Match your website theme and company branding with live chat

Live chat software with advanced chat popup windows and customization abilities.

By using IMsupporting as your live chat provider, you can change the layout, design, colors, logos and more. This allows you to customize the chat windows to match your own website and companies branding.

As an advanced customer, you can remove our branding as well to make the platform integrate even more seamlessly into your website.

Some standard modifications available are:

  • Modify the chat window banner / header logo
  • Change the background colors
  • Change the “click to chat” text
  • Modify button color and styles
  • Change welcome texts
  • Change “connecting to chat” text.
  • Plus change a multitude of other chat screen settings.

Live chat is a great tool for almost any website.

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Customise live chat systems
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