Mobile and Tablet friendly Live Chat Software

Allow your visitors to use the live chat on their mobile and tablets.

Our system will automatically redirect a user for a better live chat experience.

Desktop and Mobile screenshot

Just some of the live chat features for you and your visitors.

  • Realtime chat “Free for your users”
  • IP address resolution
  • HTML5 geolocation ( on both PC and Mobile )
  • Emoticons / Emoji support
  • Auto Mobile / Desktop version redirection
  • Email transcripts
  • Network intelligence
  • Realtime visitor monitoring
  • Call for help
  • Multiple operators in a single chat
  • Canned messages / responses
  • Webbrowser type detection
  • + Many Many More.

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives now.Websites must adapt. Even if your website isnt mobile friendly. Our chat platform is.

Whilst the “Admin Console” is a fully featured desktop solution, the chat software itself will automatically change if your visitors use a mobile device.

This makes it easy for the end user to chat to you without the distractions.

The mobile version of our software is also customisation just like our desktop version is. In fact , it inherits its design from the design you have chosen for the desktop users so you have less to configure.

Get started today for with with our live chat software!