Live chat queue settings

Take A Number!

Juts like in a real store,
You can assign users a queue number to wait in line before being answered.

Do you get too many chats that you simply don’t know who is next?
Do you worry that your users will leave before you get to them?

With Live chat user queuing, you can add a “queue” to your live chat software. This allows you to tell users where they are in the queue and how long they need to wait.

Each chat is given a position in the live chat queue and the end user is told where they are. They are also given an estimated wait time.

The estimated wait till chat time is taken from how long the last user had to wait for.

You also get to see in the chat console how long each user has waited for.

This is a great indication of just how busy you are.

Live chat queuing is available on all packages by default, however it may need enabling.

Live chat queue
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