See what the client is typing before they send it

Foresight, Spy on what your user is typing.

If enabled, You can view what your user types as they type it to help you come up with a reply quicker!

Ever wanted to see the text the client writes while they are still typing?

Well, With Sneak Peek (Foresight Technology) you can!
If enabled, while you chat to your visitor, you will be able to see what they type as they type it.

Why would you want to do this?

The overall reason for seeing what your visitor is typing is simply to give you more time to answer their question.
You can start writing a reply as they customer writes the question. In most cases you can understand the question before they elaborate or finish the sentence.

As this feature is optional, you can disable it should you feel the need for privacy related concerns. In most cases using this feature is harmless to the client as no personal information is being shared. You are simply seeing what you will see shortly after anyway.

This feature is not common among live chat providers however IMsupporting feel this is a must for any serious support function.

spy on visitors chat
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