Encrypted Live Chat Software

Encrypted Live Chat

Live chat software using SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

Live chat is a great tool / addon for any website.

The only problem you do come across is that sometimes you need to discuss private or sensitive data / information.
In most cases, This isn’t a problem. However what if your end user is in an internet cafe, or a guest wireless network?

Their data isn’t secure as anyone else could be tapping into their connection.

IMsupporting offer 100% end to end encrypted live chat software to help fight against fraud and ID theft. By encrypting your data we can ensure that even if they are using a non secure wireless network ( At a hotel for example ), their data will be 100% safe and secure as it traverses the global internet.

Unfortunately, This only protects the user against sophisticated network based attacks. Not against people simply looking over their shoulder.

We do suggest that no one use live chat to send and receive personal information such as credit card details, especially in public places.

If you have any further questions with regards to the security of live chat, please contact us at any time!

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