IMsupporting Chat Software Prices

PERSONAL   £14.99 Per Month

Our most popular package
Suitable for growing websites

£9.99 Per Month

Perfect for a small personal site

  Try Now Free   £99.99 Per Month

This is suitable for your growing business needs
  From £499 Per Month

A dedicated chat solution
We can customise any aspect
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    3 User / Staff Accounts        
1 User / Staff Account       10 User / Staff Accounts   Dedicated Server
    Unlimited Chats Per Day        
Unlimited Chats Per Day       Unlimited Chats Per Day   50+ User / Staff Accounts
    3 Departments / Queues        
System Customisation       10 Departments / Queues   A Bespoke Live Chat System
    System Customisation        
Stats & Reporting       System Customisation   Branding Removal
    Stats & Reporting        
        Stats & Reporting   Customise The Chat System
            Much more
  • Additional Operator/User accounts are charged at £5 per month over the stated included amount per package.
  • Branding removal is an optional extra for £150 per month.
  • Additional customisation is charged based on the work required – Dedicated solution required.
  • Discounts available for Dedicated solutions with large numbers of staff and/or customisation.

Please contact to discuss further.

All our monthly plans include these popular chat features as standard.

Real time Website Visitor Tracking

See who is on your website in real time. See what pages they are on and tag them for future reference.

Webpage Screenshots

See a screenshot of the page that your visitors are on. Assist users by co-browsing with them (See what they see) view what page they are on and visually see what they can see.

Canned Responses / Replies

Quickly reply to frequent questions by simply clicking a button and selecting a pre-defined chat reply that you can customise.

   Plus MANY more features. Check out our Features List for more information.

Free Trial

Use our free trial to test the chat system out free for a month. Simply sign up, Login and start chatting today for free. No credit cards required. Instant access.


Our personal package is great for smaller websites that do not have many chats per day. You get an advanced live chat system at a fraction of the cost that other suppliers charge.


With the IMsupporting standard chat platform you get a powerful solution for you and your operators. Combined with departments and our advanced live chat, you get a great solution with minimal cost.

Business Chat Solution

With the IMsupporting business live chat platform you get all our features including SSL encryption, Operator accounts, Departments and much more all at an affordable price.

Our business solution is designed for busy websites looking to enhance sales and customer satisfaction.

Dedicated Live Chat Software

Our Dedicated live chat software and live support solution is ideal for busy websites looking for an affordable but powerful webbased SaaS live chat system that isn’t shared with other customers.

You get a dedicated platform just for your website and users. You get dedicated resources and the ability to customise the system. With prices starting from only £249.99 per month and short contract terms you know you are getting the best deal around.

Payments are processed securely by PayPal . A valid PayPal account or Credit Card will be required for a monthly subscription.
If you cancel, your account will continue to run for the remainder of your monthly plan.

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