Live chat software customization

Customize the look and feel of the live chat windows

Live chat software chat screen

With the IMsupporting live chat software, You are able to upload your own “Live chat buttons” & customise the Live chat window.

This is a great way to integrate the live chat support software into your own website and business branding.


IMsupporting has a multitude of other customisation features ranging from system colours to full re-branding.


– Live chat buttons
Choose from a list of pre-created buttons.
Upload your own buttons ( so they fit your website better )





– Customise the live chat window
Change the “banner” at the top of the window. For example: This can be used to display your companies logo.
Change the text and wording on all live chat windows ( offline message window and live chat login window )
Change the colour of the background.
+ much more.

Simply click “Customize” on the main live chat console.