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What is Live Chat Used For?

Live chat is a tool used by business websites globally to assist with communicating with users on their websites in real-time.

It typically works with a user clicking a “Click here to chat to us” button that launches a small chat window to communicate with the websites owners / operators / staff. The chat buttons are normally placed at the bottom of a website visible no matter where the user scrolls or on important areas where the user may need live assistance.

It is normally accessed via a SaaS (Software as a service) platform. This means that the end user and operator of the system never needs to download anything. Its all 100% web based and works via any recent web-browser.

There are many chat software providers, some offering free services and some offering paid services such as ours. We feel that paid services offer a better experience for everyone as the platform is supported and run by a company rather than a free project with little to no business support.

You know you are in good hands with a UK based SaaS provider.

Why use Live Chat On My Website?


Do you run a website?

Do you run a business?

You need sales! You need to retain your current visitors and have them return, time and time again.

By using the IMsupporting chat software on your website. You can encourage users to visit again or buy a product from you simply by answering their questions or help assist a lost user to find a product they are looking for.

Live chat is an inexpensive communication tool that is slowly overtaking phone based support calls.
Why pick up a phone, dial a number, wait for them to answer and then talk for hours. Why not just allow your visitor to click a button and chat to you instantly?

Not only is it better than using basic phone support. It also helps you and your operators by giving everyone time to answer a question ( either by viewing what a user types as they type it ) or simply by allowing a customer to see when you or your operators are replying.

You are NOT under the pressure of a phone call where “dead air” is a bad thing. You and your staff are not pressured to give quick, unhelpful answers. You can take your time and support your visitors better by using IMsupporting on your business website.

Live chat widget code example

Easy to install

You can install the IMsupporting Live Chat simply by using one of the following methods:

  • Use one of our CMS plugins such as our WordPress plugin (Here)
  • Copy and Paste the chat <script> into your own website manually
  • Have your own I.T or Website guys do it.
  • Have us assist and install for you.

Once installed, Simply login to your easy to use chat dashboard and click “Go Online”

You are now ready and waiting for new support and chat requests. Get Chatting!

How much does Live Chat Software cost?


The IMsupporting live chat service starts from £9.99 per month package. This is aimed at the smaller websites looking to test live chat, answer a few chats and understand what their users want.

Our £14.99 package is aimed at the growing business website. You get a platform capable of handling more chats, more staff accounts and more reporting. Great for a small business who expect to have a good amount of chats with their end users.

We have much larger packages for the bigger business websites starting from £49.99 who need to have many staff using the platform and 100’s of chats per hour. We have a dedicated platform for these larger companies who have more bespoke requirements.

More pricing information can be found here


Why Would I Pay When There Are Free Chat providers?

The same reason why you pay for a lot of things.
To ensure quality. To ensure timely support and accountability.

Free chat software providers can offer services for many reasons, some under the guise of “Its a free services because we like to give” and others simply to just mine your data and your customers data for other means.

Unfortunately, we all know nothing good in life comes for free and this is the same when it comes to software and services. To run a platform like this we need servers, support staff, development staff and so much more.
What do these free companies have?

We can support you through your business journey and help you increase sales in a supported, well run business.

We also never share your data with others unlike some free providers and certainly never sell your data unlike others.

You pay for a quality service and that is exactly what you get!

Risk using “free” providers and you risk your own business reputation should something go wrong.

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UK LIve Chat Software

Simple, Easy to use interface

IMsupporting has been designed with simplicity and features in mind.

We want a fully featured, powerful system that can be used quickly and efficiently.

The chat dashboard is available via any modern web browser and you will be answering chats within minutes.

Want to use the more advanced features? Simply select a section on the left hand menu and select the option to change its setting.

Advanced reporting gives you deep insight into where your visitors come from, who’s chatting with you and how your staff are performing..

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