Internal Private Chat

Chat privately with other operators and staff at your business.

Internal operator private chat

What happens if you need have a question that you cant answer and your colleagues are in remote locations?

What happens if your working from home and using live chat but cant answer a question?

Internal Private Chat is the answer!

Rather than simply telling the client you cant help or asking they phone your helpdesk, Why not call for help and talk to another operator or more than one operator?

Anyone can open a chat session that has been answered. they could simply monitor the chat session, watch what is going on or even join in.

If you have a question, simply click “Call for help” and someone can join. You and fellow operators can even chat privately without informing the end user.

Once you have come up with a correct answer either you or another operator can answer the clients question.

Live chat isn’t just about supporting your end users. It also helps support YOU.

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