Live chat solutions on E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites using live chat

A Live chat solution for Commerce websites.

The internet has exploded in popularity over the years. One such area that has seen a large amount of growth is the online Commerce aspect.

Business’s no longer need to be on a high street of working out of home delivery catalogs. No longer do they need to hide away behind some ancient telephone system.

One problem that online commercial stores have is that they are not every human friendly. You cant just ask the shop assistant for help or guidance can you?

Well. Now you can. By adding a live chat solution to your website, you can talk to your visitors just as if they were in your bricks and mortar store.

If a user gets stuck or would like a quick question answered, rather than picking up the phone for a possibly costly phone call, they can simply click to chat to you or your support staff. You can help them out, guide them to a page where they can buy what they need or simply help support them after sale.

Live chat is not just a tool used for fun or for “supporting” users in the normal way. You can use it see where your users get stuck, answer common questions and act on these potential issues within your online store.

Not only do you get to chat to your users. You can also watch what pages they visit in realtime, gain real insight into their browsing habits and act on it.


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