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What is IMsupporting?

IMsupporting provide live chat software and support software solutions to websites across the globe.

By using our 100% web based software. You can add live chat support to your website instantly and start talking to your visitors in real time. Offering 1-2-1 personal sales or support advice to either help drive new sales or to help retain current clients by offering excellent support.

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How can IMsupporting help your business?

Convenient for your Customers.
By adding live support / live chat to your website, Your customers have a quick, easy to use tool that helps them engage with you and your staff.

Lower business expenses.
Lower your average interaction cost per customer by supporting multiple users at once via an affordable communication platform. Relieve strain on your traditional phone support systems and use your staff more efficiently.

Increase Sales & Conversions.
Live chat is a great way to help increase sales. Help confused users when they need sales advice. Assist users through from start to cart.

Customise live chat systems

Customisable chat system

Not only do you get a feature packed solution for your business that helps increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

You also have plenty of custom options to help integrate into your business website quickly and easiliy. You can use our WordPress plugin or simply paste the HTML into your website.

You can change the design and feel of the chat software window, add your own business logos and change the colors and text so it matches your own website design.

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Live chat software helps increase sales by enabling you and your business to communicate with your website visitors in real-time over the internet.

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You wouldn’t let a visitor leave your shop without asking if you can help them? Why do the same online?

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