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What is IMsupporting?

Real shops and stores allow you to talk to your visitors, you would help a visitor pick an item to try or buy.

By communicating with your visitors, You have the opportunity to impress and convert them into new customers before they move on to your competitors sites.

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How does live chat help my business?

Sales. Every business needs sales. With live chat, you can help convert more visitors into paying customers by supporting them whenever they need assistance.

By offering product support, sales support and more via your live chat widget. Customers are more inclined to stay on your website than move on to another.

Instant Access

Our software is available 24×7 via our Cloud based platform. Once you have signed up, you have instant acess. Our free trial is included by default and you can get started today for free.

Ultra Fast

Our cloud based software is fast, reliable and secure. Talk to multiple clients, assist in more sales and support more users in a fast, safe and secure environment.

No Downloads

The IMsupporting software is a feature packed 100% cloud based support solution designed for any sized business website in mind.

Affordable SaaS

With a cloud based live chat solution, you do not need to pay for hardware, support or anything else needed to host it yourself. We manage your solution for you giving you peace of mind and time to support your users as expected.

Fast, Reliable, Powerful  Live Chat Software

The IMsupporting support and chat software is a powerful solution suitable for any business website.

Chat to your visitors instantly with our website widget, increase sales by adding a live salesman to your site and help increase customer satisfaction.

Customize the live chat to suit your needs. Edit it to make it look and feel like its part of your website. Match your website themes and even customize the chat transcript emails with HTML to allow users to give you feedback or visit your site for further help.

Start today for FREE with our completely free trial. No payments needed, just start chatting!

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