Web Chat Software

Increase Sales!

Web chat is a great tool that can enable you and your business to chat to your website visitors in real time.

Assist with questions and help your users reach their goal!

Lightning Fast Installation

You can install web chat with a few clicks. IMsupporing have many plugins availabe for you to use within your own CMS based website ( Or install manually using our simple script )

If you use a CMS such as WordPress, Why not use our Web Chat Plugin?

Secure Web Chat!

The internet is becoming a dangerous place. We all hear stories about information being stolen and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better soon.

We use the industry standard SSL encryption to assist in keeping your information secure while it travels across the internet! All chats are secured.

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Mobile Is Here!

Support your users even on their mobile devices. By using Web Chat on the move, users can get help and assistance where ever they are. Increase your sales through mobile web chat!

Users WANT To Use Web Chat!

Customer satisfaction polls conducted by IMsupporting show that a whopping 92% of end users would use Web Chat again when contacting companies.

Users prefer to not use a phone but to quickly engage with businesses through the internet!